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    Golang Programming Language

    What is Go ?

    • Go is a programming language developed at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson in 2007
    • Go is expressive, concise, clean and efficient.
    • Go is a fast, statically typed, compiled language.

    Go Language Features

    • Golang is a Compiled Language : Go programs must be compiled before execution.
    • Go is Strongly typed language : In go language there is no implicit type conversion of variables.
    • Go is Statically typed language : In go language all variable has to be declared before use.
    • Go is Multi purpose language : Go language is used for variety of software development purposes like
      • Cloud & Network Services
      • Command-line Interfaces
      • Web Development
      • DevOps & Site Reliability
    • Go is a Functional programming language : Go does not support classes and objects.
    • Go has automatic garbage collection : Go language takes cares of memory management using automatic garbage collector.


    Basic understanding of computer programming terminologies. C language proficiency is helpful as Go language syntax is similar to C.

    Go vs Python vs Java vs C++

    CompiledInterpretedCompiled & InterpretedCompiled
    Statically typedDynamically typedStatically typedStatically typed
    Fast run timeSlow run timeSlow run timeFast run time
    Fast compile timeSlow compile timeFast compile timeSlow compile time
    Has automatic garbage collectionHas automatic garbage collectionHas automatic garbage collectionDoes not support automatic garbage collection
    Does not support classes and objectsHas classes and objectsHas classes and objects Has classes and objects
    Does not support inheritanceSupports inheritanceSupports inheritanceSupports inheritance
    Does not support genericsSupports genericsSupports generics Supports generics
    Supports concurrency through goroutines and channelNo built-in concurrency mechanismSupports concurrency through threadsSupports concurrency through threads

  • Golang
  • Programming