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    Golang Installation


    In this post step by step instructions to install go binary on windows OS is provided

    • To know whether golang is installed or not on your computer, you can verify it by running command go version using terminal.
    1 go version

    Go Installation - Version Command

    • Go to and download the binary specific to Microsoft Windows (If you want to install on other OS, download the binary file specific to OS).

      Go Installation - Downloads

    • Double click on the installer and click Next

      Go Installation - Screen1

    • Select checkbox to accept license agreement and click Next

      Go Installation - License Agreement

    • Select the installation folder and click Next

      Go Installation - Folder Selection

    • Click Install

      Go Installation - Install Confirm

    • Click Finish once the installation is completed.

      Go Installation - Finish

    • Now open terminal again and run the command given below

    1go version

    The command displays the version which has been installed on the machine

    Go - Version Check Success


  • Golang